Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Form Emphasis from Fragments" by Adelia Ganson, Mixed Perception Exhibition at Blue Gallery

This is a review written by Adelia Ganson from the Mixed Perceptions show at Blue Gallery:

"Aileen Chong’s oil and mixed media on canvases are created out of her sense of a fractured identity, similar yet different from Ochoa’s. Multi-cultural dichotomies were highlighted in Chong's specific life situation, too, as a Chinese Peruvian growing up in Long Island, New York. Her grandparents were Chinese, but her sense of identity was rooted in Peruvian customs, and the language spoken most often at home was Spanish.
Chong's pieces manifest in abstractions, inspired by dualities or contrasts in her life. The work presents a unique way of interpreting feelings and thought processes, as the artist sees the pieces as immersed in emotion — each one as a place in a specific time. She sees her methods as very direct and stripped of pretense or false bravado. Layers of paint become layers of feeling or life emphasis."